Collective ideas, untold possibilities.

Junto Magazine is a quarterly online literary magazine that provides a professionally cultivated, cross-medium creative outlet for trained amateur artists. Our purpose is three-fold:

  • To provide artists of any medium who posses a desire to express themselves an opportunity to begin building a published portfolio, whether they are preparing to graduate college or are already part of the work force.
  • To enable artists to spread their work among a diverse audience in order to  reach viewers who would not have otherwise discovered their work.
  • To build a community of contributing artists who learn from each other,  work collaboratively to create works that exceed their individual talents, and receive solid, professional feedback. 

While anyone can self-publish in today's digital age, it is an incredibly rare thing to be successful without self-promotion, which can be a full-time job in and of itself. By being selected for and published in Junto Magazine, artists will gain access to a wider market than they would just by publishing on their own.

 Once a piece is submitted to Junto Magazine, it is reviewed by one of our Genre Editors in a mix between editorial evaluation and peer review. Each of our Genre Editors is educated in his or her field and either currently works in his or her specific industry or teaches it. Whether your piece is selected for publication or not, all artists who submit will receive a copy of our evaluation, which includes the ratings given to the piece as well as constructive criticism to learn from.

In 1727, when he was a young man, Benjamin Franklin formed a group consisting of like-minded individuals who shared his drive for learning and conversation. They met in taverns or houses to speak and share their knowledge and thoughts, and they eventually set up a lending library with books from the members’ personal libraries. As its users and success grew, each of the twelve original members set out to form their own clubs.[1] Only about half of them succeeded, but the tradition of gathering tradesmen and like-minded individuals for sharing had really taken hold. Juntos, in this tradition, still exist to this day, in cities such as Washington, New York, and Denver.



What does "Junto" MEan?


Junto (jən-tō) -

a grouping or faction, esp. a political one.