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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept creative nonfiction? Memoirs? Poetry?
Yes, yes, and yes. As of right now, we are accepting all kinds of submissions because each of them is a form of creative outlet and can be used to show talent. Memoirs may be nonfiction, but will show a person’s ability just as well as the others. Same with music, same with art, and same with film.

Can I submit to more than one genre at a time?
Absolutely. If you work in multiple mediums, feel free to submit in as many formats that you want.

Is there a word count for submissions?
There is no longer a restriction on word counts for submissions. The length of the piece is something that will be addressed in the editing phase, if it needs to be trimmed down or have an area expanded on.

Is there a limit to the number of pieces I can submit at once?
No, there is no restriction on the number of submissions you can submit at this time. If the piece consists of multiple poems that are supposed to be viewed together as a set, please indicate this otherwise they will be viewed and judged as separate entities.

Does each piece need its own submission, or can I include multiple pieces in the same submission?
It depends. For example, as poetry is often shorter, it is fine if you submit all of those together in the same submission. Things like short stories, music, or film are longer, and easier to work with if they are separated out.

What about festivals? Can I submit a piece that has been screened at a film or music festival?
Yes. Our prior publication policy is in place to make sure that there is no conflicting claim to rights. We want to make sure that in agreeing to our licensing agreement there is no conflict with prior agreements you may have.

My piece wasn’t accepted. Can I still submit other pieces? Can I submit the same piece with revisions?
A rejection is just an evaluation of the particular piece in question. You can absolutely continue submitting to us, in fact we encourage you to do so. Part of our editors’ job is to provide you with feedback on the submission, which you can then apply to your other works. If you want to resubmit a piece we have already rejected, it will depend on why. If it was not a suitable topic or went against one of our policies, please do not resubmit it. We will not accept it. If it was a quality question, then you are more than welcome to make changes based on our recommendations and your own ideas and resubmit it. It will go through the whole process again at that time.


Why should I subscribe?
By subscribing to Junto Magazine you ensure that you don’t miss the release date of any issues we release. Whenever a new issue is released, you will receive an email letting you know and linking you to the new one. This way you make sure you never miss out.

Where can I subscribe?
From the viewing pane of any issue, click the blue banner on the left that says “Subscribe.” Enter your email and click Subscribe.

You can also subscribe from the information page of any issue as well. From the viewing pane, click on the symbol of a lowercase “I” in a circle. It opens a separate tab with the cover page for the issue on the left and both the issue and magazine descriptions on the right. Below the descriptions is a banner that says “Subscribe for FREE” and a red button that says Subscribe. Click the Subscribe button and enter your email in the pop and you are set.

Ordering Copies

I want a copy of a particular issue, how do I get one?
If you want to order a print copy of an issue, you need to make sure that you are in the print version of that particular issue. There will be a green banner on the right hand side of the reading pane to click on. To order a copy, you will have to either Login to our vendor ( using Facebook or Twitter or create an account. From the pop up you can preview the issue, and then click “Next Step.” Select the format you want and proceed from there.

If you do not see the banner, then you are in the digital version. Click on the open book symbol above the “Info” button on the reading pane to open up the list of issues and click on the issue you want with (Print) after it. This will open the issue in the same window where you can click on the “Order Print” banner.