Collective ideas, untold possibilities.

Volume 1, Issue 1: May 2016

Our premiere issue, featuring: poetry, prose, art, music, and articles. Interviews with playwright Michael Giuliano and author/illustrator C. G. Esperanza. Featuring contributions from David Askaryan, Philip Goldberg, Zack Graham, Leonard Kogan, Stephen Mead, Vance Osterhout, Samantha Oty, Bhavika Sicka, Stormy Skies, Darryl Solfersmith, Clifford Timinadi, Robin Vigfusson, and Schimri Yoyo.


Volume 2, Issue 1: March 2017

The first issue of 2017, as we transition to a quarterly publishing schedule. Containing interviews with artist Tyler Walpole and author and founder of #PitchWars Brenda Drake. Cover art by Anthony Gomez and featuring contributions from Vincent Chabany, Terrie G. Crawford, John Grey, Dah, Sandra Shaw Homer, Adam Huening, Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Paul Smith, Heather Marie Spitzberg, Emily S. Townsend, and D. S. West.

Volume 1, Issue 2: December 2016

The second issue of the year, this issue featured interviews with a newly published fantasy writer—Daniel M. Ford—and the founder of Santa Fe Writers Project, Andrew Gifford. Cover photo by Anthony Gomez. Featuring contributions from Terrie G. Crawford, Bruce Crossey, Alisha Ebling, Thomas Elson, Brandon Hartman, Clinton Inman, Kumar Mahat, Angela Meek, Katerina Pravdivaia, Nina Skaya, Alex Swartzentruber, Carl Thompson, Robert Tokley, and Sherrie Weynand.

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